Taking advantage of Oracle Premier Support’s PRU

Tip of the Week: Oracle Premier Support’s PRU

As we pay 20-25% of license cost on maintenance fee to Oracle, its prudent to take advantage of many benefits that we get out of Oracle Premier Support. Especially some advanced benefits add significant value to DBAs.

Many  might be interacting with Oracle Premier Support (OPS) just to open service requests (SR) when problems occur or to search for potential fixes. Doing so will absolutely make us missing out key capabilities that could play a role in reducing organizations Oracle TCO . By understanding the capabilities of OPS further, it helps you achieve resolution faster; streamline and simplify your daily operations; reduce risks and maximize uptime, and lower organization’s costs through preventative maintenance. More importantly, it makes DBAs life significantly easier. Learned quite a few capabilities baked into OPS that help us to be more proactive than fighting fires.

Connection from our systems to OPS  is a key enabler for advanced prevention, resolution and upgrade proactive capabilities. For EBS, Databases, OBIEE, Webcenter, IDM customers like us,  connection is achieved by sharing configuration and diagnostic data through Oracle Enterprise Manager (recommended), Oracle Configuration Manager and Remote Diagnostic Agent.

What is OPS’s PRU?

Well, its nothing but Advanced Prevention, Resolution and Upgrade proactive capabilities. Lets discuss one at a time.


Once your environment is OPS enabled, we  use certain Health Recommendations automatically to evaluate systems status, identify any known issues. As OPS also provides fixes, and make recommendations to improve system health and increase up-time, it is highly advisable to understand the fixes as every environment is unique. Even though  OPS portrays as it has one million customer configurations have been analyzed to date and recommendations are sturdy, its still advisable for us to understand the recommendations before applying those.


If issues do occur, discover capabilities and tools to help you resolve issues and get your business back on track. Product based diagnostics provide setup, data collection, and health validations and will offer best practices to expedite resolution. For software issues, discover how to ‘CONNECT’ to Oracle Premier Support. A well formed service request with accompanying diagnostic data can dramatically streamline the service request process enabling Oracle Support Engineers to expedite troubleshooting.


Oracle Premier Support’s integrated methodology provides tools, and capabilities to help guide you through the upgrade process. Lifecycle Advisors demonstrate how to tackle upgrades, patches, and more through structured steps and processes. Patching and Maintenance Advisors help you plan and execute a viable patching and maintenance strategy which includes a complete project patch plan specific to your environment. Upgrade Advisor provides information from various sources using best practices and step-by-step instructions to allow you to upgrade with confidence. Upgrade Planner will enable you to move from one release to the next. Furthermore, another benefit that we realized was it helps to  create a complete plan of all the necessary software and patches required to complete the upgrade.

Reference documents:



QR code to get to OPS info documents.


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