Oracle EBS R12.2 Online patching via ADOP

Oracle EBS R12.2 Online patching via ADOP

Recently, had an opportunity to attend an interesting session orchestrated by ATG team at Oracle to discuss the new online patching tool (ADOP) in R12.2. Loads of changes to the entire patching process yet mammoth advantages.Here is the brief description.

My understanding is the new ADOP process got 5 phases.

Prepare: Copies the production application code, which in turn creates so called patch edition. During this stage, patch edition and the actual run edition of the file systems are synchronized. It’s in a way easier to sync the patch and run edition. But becomes more complicated during the database’s prepare phase. Even in database, the ADOP process creates a patch version. Here, code objects in the patch edition got just pointers to the actual run edition. Interestingly, none of the storage objects (tables, indexes, etc.) are not copied though.

Apply: In this phase, ADOP applies one or more patches to the copy edition. It executes the patch drivers to the patch edition.

Finalize: This is the final online phase where ADOP process performs tasks such as compile invalid objects, pre-compute DDL to be run. Once this process is completed, the next phase ‘Cutover’ can be scheduled.

Cutover: This is the phase that requires predictable downtime. Here the actual migration of run version to patch version in both file system and database occurs. A restart of middle-tier is required at this stage. Per Oracle, we still are able to perform certain patches in hotpatch mode that doesn’t require downtime. Details to follow upon further hands-on.

Cleanup: Literally clean-up occurs after the users are back online. In this phase ADOP starts cleaning up the old editions to recover space.

ADOP’s Major capabilities are not limited to the following.

  • A patch cycle can be aborted any time before cutover phase.
  • As the new ADOP process maintains a copy of the file system, the size would absolutely double.
  • System and seed tablespaces would now require 100% more space.
  • You can have one instance top to point to multiple environments.

As database edition based patching cycle is significant portion of 12.2’s patching, I will address it as a separate post in coming days.

A special thanks to Oracle’s ATG team.

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  1. chinna says:

    Hi Sunthar,

    Please share the documets on R12.2 Dual File System.

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