Finally, In-Memory Applications for Oracle E-Business Suite on Engineered Systems

When Oracle introduced plethora of products and enhancements to its product portfolio, one key capability that was left out was In-Memory capabilities for Oracle applications on engineered systems. Looks like, Oracle EVP (for Applications Development) Steve Miranda’s group felt enough pressure to get the in-memory applications for all applications certified on Oracle Engineered Systems :). Timing cannot be any better as the announcement came right during Collaborate ’13.

So who all impacted by this announcement or who can take immediate advantage of the new toy?

Well, any customers who use Oracle’s Applications business products such as Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Hyperion can take advantage of it.

So what does this announcement mean to you and to your company?

Companies whose decision making impacted by their business systems capabilities, limiting employees productivity in manufacturing, shop floor operations, order processing, and customer service and more importantly companies that have inability to meet service level agreements and regulatory reporting needs.

Today’s Oracle announcement trumpets above mentioned limitations can become an history as the new foray of engineered solutions can help companies run business critical applications 10-20 times. Announcement further articulates how Oracle In-Memory Applications change business dynamics, helping customers quickly discover growth opportunities, make smarter decisions, reduce corporate costs, and accelerate time consuming workloads.

In other words, you now have an opportunity to strengthen your resume 🙂

What are the technical benefits?

Oracle’s Internal benchmarking indicates that Oracle EBusiness Suite running on Oracle’s Engineered Systems performs 3 to10 times faster for forms and self-service applications depending upon the concurrency load profile. And linear scaling allows for very large deployments and multiple applications to run simultaneously while maintaining consistent response times. Oracle’s Engineered Systems are architected to deliver maximum availability, high performance, and scalability helping Oracle EBusiness Suite customers to consolidate environments, and reduce server footprint resulting in an overall reduction in cost of application ownership.

Here are some of the technical benefits delivered by Engineered Systems:

Oracle EBusiness Suite applications consists of many batch processing programs that create large workloads. These workloads are highly CPU intensive. High concurrency of these workloads requires systems with large memory capacity with large Systems global area (SGA) and Program global area (PGA) capable of processing high speed disk input/output (I/O). Oracle’s Engineered Systems are architected to deliver these superior technical capabilities to manage such large workloads.

  • Engineered systems can handle twice as many users per core compared to other servers delivering the scalability required to add more application users during growth and expansion.
  • Linear Scaling easily supports very large deployments.
  • Resource Manager can help consolidation of database and application environments by controlling CPU usage, managing CPU contention via instance caging, controlling disk I/O usage, and managing contention via IORM’s interdatabase resource plans. Customers can achieve higher throughputs as more transactions can be processed using single Exadata core compared to other servers.
  • Exalogic has been engineered to leverage a technique known as SingleRoot I/O Virtualization to eliminate virtualization overhead and deliver maximum performance and scalability. Missioncritical server virtualization offers a whole new level of consolidation where multiple virtual machines are sharing a single physical server in order to maximize the utilization of server hardware, while minimizing associated cost.
  • Oracle VM template for Exalogic reduces installation and configuration time and allows rapid deployment of Oracle EBusiness Suite applications.
  • Oracle EBusiness Suite customers can load balance web and forms servers, configure parallel concurrent processing and configure Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard for high availability.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EM) helps with Exadata manageability and provides a composite view of all health indicators of a cell or cell group to diagnose and troubleshoot performance problems efficiently.



About Sunthar Tharmalingam
Bio: Sunthar is an Oracle Certified Professional with over 14 years of experience in multifaceted architectural design and implementation of mission-critical global Oracle Applications. He provides technical leadership to the enterprise project teams and manages the comprehensive implementation life-cycle. Sunthar has exhaustive hands-on competencies in vital Oracle technologies such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Databases, OBI Applications, Oracle Identity Management and Webcenter suites. This Blog has been categorized according to the Oracle products that integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite. Should you wish to participate as an author for a related module or category please register as a member and mail me to let me know which category you would like to write under.

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